Sunday, April 10, 2005

Can scientists believe in ghosts?

I have every reason to believe that my house is haunted, yet I feel, by virtue of my occupation, that I'm not allowed to believe my house is haunted. Let me explain.

I have four wine glasses sitting on my bookshelf. Because everything I own has a defined place in my house, each glass has an exact geographical location on the shelf. To my annoyance, I keep finding one particular glass outside of its designated spot. It is always moved to the same place, about 2 inches to the right and four inches forward of its original location. It is always moved just to the edge of the bookshelf--I've never found it moved to the point where it has fallen off the edge. The wanderings of my wine glass started happening about the same time my husband noticed, to his annoyance, that someone has been changing the station on our shower radio. There are only two of us living in this house, and I do not listen to the shower radio.

Using a level, I've verified that the bookshelf is not slanted. I've jumped up and down repeatedly trying to make the wine glasses move, but none of them ever do. The objects located near the glass never move. I have made multiple measurements, over the course of several days, of the distance between the glass and the bookshelf's edge, trying to see if the glass is somehow sliding a little each day until moving far enough for me to notice. It's all or nothing; the glass is either in its place, or, somehow while I'm away at work, it has moved to the bookshelf's edge. My cat can not fit on this shelf, even if he squeezed, and there would be no way for him to hit the glass without also moving the adjacent objects.

If it is my husband playing a cruel joke, then he would have to be driving home from work, in the middle of the day, to move the glass. I know that this isn't the case since he doesn't have two extra hours each day to play such a trick. The glasses were a gift from my father-in-law who claims that his new house is haunted. Perhaps the ghost followed them? I don't know how I'm expected to finish my thesis and manuscripts when I have to devote all this time to figuring out how the hell this glass is moving. I haven't even begun trying to figure out the radio station debacle.

If you are having a similar problem, there are people who will, for a fee, investigate for you. I've included one link below, but you'll find numerous Google hits for your region. Let me know if it works. Until then, I will continue my own experiments since I obviously have nothing better to do.
The Society for Paranormal Investigation


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