Monday, April 11, 2005

I vote for robots

When I was younger, there was this huge "robots are going to take our jobs" fear. Maybe it still exists, but, since we can abuse foreign workers at a lower cost than maintaining robots, it's probably not happening. Regardless, I'm beginning to think that robots may have their place in society.

Example: I went to purchase leaf/lawn disposal bags (the brown paper ones) from Home Depot on Saturday. The bags were in bundles of 5 (each bag had "pack of five" stamped on it), and they were around $2.40 per bundle. I placed one pack on the counter and told the cashier that I had four total (there wasn't really enough room to put all 4 packs, and I figured she could scan one and hit the "times four" button).

She fingered through the bundle several times. She then scanned the code on one of the bags and hit the "times 40" button. My husband looked at the register and asked, reasonably, "Why are our bags $95?" The cashier, in a very angry voice, said that we told her we had 4 bags when we really had 40, and, at $2.40 per bag, our total was $95. We explained to her that the bags were priced per pack. We had four packs. We didn't have the energy to also argue that 4*5 was 20, not 40. She acted as though we were lying, as though we had bundled the bags together and stamped the red "package of 5" on ourselves. It was bad enough that we had to even have this conversation let alone defend ourselves. After resolving the situation, she was still angry with us...I don't understand.

$95 for paper bags--are you kidding me? How could that not have sent up a red flag? Why was she mad at us?????

I vote robots.


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