Thursday, April 21, 2005

NEA takes a stand

I'm proud of the NEA for finally taking a stand against this whole "No Child Left Behind" fiasco. NCLB is killing our teachers, impeding our children's education, and draining funds from already exhausted supplies. God forbid you have a child with any type of disability or special needs because your child will, ironically, be left behind under this program. It's is scary how one administration can cause so much damge. It is even more frightening that the very people who should be advising us on education reform, our nation's teachers, are the last people given a voice.

My favorite quote of the day, from the Associated Press:

When the union first promised the lawsuit, then-Education Secretary Rod Paige accused the NEA of putting together a "coalition of the whining." He later referred to the NEA as a "terrorist organization" for the way it opposed the law, a comment for which he later apologized.

When I'm dictator of this country, the word "terrorist" will be banned.


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