Friday, April 01, 2005


As thousands gather to pray for the Pope, all I can think about is how I almost lost an animal today. I was moving cages, and I noticed that my head count came up short. Then, I noticed a gap in the cage lid. For a brief moment, I couldn't breathe. Where did it go? Will it be O.K.? Oh please God don't let it get hurt--don't let someone kill it or, worse, step on it. I began crawling around the floor, forgetting about the inevitable poop mines still scattered about, searching desperately for my little friend. Why didn't I go to law school instead????? Is that urine on my sleeve???? I tried to follow the trail, but it was hopeless. So, I prayed, and even though the powers-that-be are being bombarded with prayers for the pope, they stopped what they were doing and helped. I suddenly noticed movement under the cloth cage covers lying next to the cage. Slowly, I lifted them, swearing that I would give up my most evil sins if only... and there he was, safe and asleep.

Some would have you believe that researchers don't care about their animals, but that's an uninformed and incorrect opinion. I care about that one animal more than all of those people still standing outside the Vatican. That one animal may save some 6-year old from having to endure leukemia or autism or epilepsy. That one animal is my life's work, and it means something to me, and most likely, it will mean something to you someday.

Some would also have you believe that the death of a very ill, 84-year-old man is the most important thing in the world...


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