Thursday, May 05, 2005


I just sent one of the worst-first drafts ever composed to my mentor. It's an abstract due tomorrow; we all found out about it three days ago. For those of you who have followed my posts, you will understand why having to abide to a 3200-character limit makes it tough on me (that's including our names and institutions). Since I'm anal about having my middle initial included (so I can google myself easier) that really limits me to 3199 characters, something my mentor and I have butted heads over on quite a few occasions. Yes, I will pack up and leave over my middle initial; I'm that unstable and that egocentric.

My husband thinks it's weird that sometimes all I want in life is a cubicle. I want a cubicle with walls that surround me, walls that I can hang things on. I want someplace where I can't see anyone around me and where they can't see me. An office is too much responsibility, and a little too official. I just want to sit in my cubicle, staring at my computer that has my settings and that doesn't have a funked-up keyboard from dirty-multiple users. An island in the chaos. That's all I want...

Only when I have the aforementioned oasis will I be able to fit 2 years of research into 3200- miserable characters. I did manage to use the word sequelae already. I like that word. I also snuck in exquisitely, but I'm sure that will get cut. Scientists can be soooo boring.


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