Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The danger of excluding context

Apparently some people have taken advantage of the loop hole in written language called context. I don't want to name names, but we all know people guilty of this crime. It is ethically irresponsible and reprehensible to quote people without also noting the context of their statements. It is equally offensive to copy bits of emails and send those pieces out without giving the whole story or without making sure that you didn't change the meaning through your "editing" practices. I'm sick of being bombarded by concepts without context not only by the peon level offenders of everyday life but also by the big-dogs of media. I'm not your mother--if I were your mother, you would know better--so I'm not going to lecture. Instead, I'm going to offer some statements that I made today to emphasize the importance of context. We'll call it an exercise of sorts for your brain. Since I love writing captions to humorous picture (images without context), I decided we could switch it around and make pictures for my quotes. I won't post my own pictures since that would ruin the fun.

1.) I can't find my brain anywhere. I saw it when it dropped; it bounced off of the bench and into the trash, but I don't see it in there.

2.) Even if I had a penis, I still wouldn't piss in the kitchen sink.

3.) Who ordered the extra bottle of meth-amphetamine? I can't put it in the safe until I know who will be using it.

4.) Your babies were born last night. Do you need to order another pregnant mother today?

5.) Your not hard core unless you shoot the heroin between your toes.

Do you see how many possible pictures come to mind? Stop the madness, people.


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