Saturday, May 07, 2005

Know your IEP

One of the things that helped my mother get through the hard years, the school-age years, was that she was a teacher, and, thus, she really knew our rights. She knew how to take control of our education, how to use our Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) to get us what we needed, and she knew how the law could work for us (usually). Back in the day when educators weren't so overwhelmed and overworked, many of them took the time to help guide families through this process. Times have changed, however, and I feel that, especially given the fallout from NCLB, parents are going to find themselves flying solo more often than not.

It's hard to pick a resource to serve as the gold standard for IEP information, but I think this site is a good place to start. It covers everything from art therapy (something I really support and believe in) to managing IEP meetings.

I'm trying to encourage my mother to serve as a consultant for families with special needs children after she retires. If she's up to it, I will let you all know.


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