Thursday, June 30, 2005

No Soprano For You

Mikhael Rawks will not be allowed to audition as a soprano. God love Texas (note sarcasm).

We will allow girls to play on male athletic teams (I ran men's track), but we won't let someone sing in a vocal range traditionally performed by the opposite sex? What's wrong with this world?

Their reasoning has to do with medical concerns--girls can't audition for tenor or bass parts for fear of cord damage so men shouldn't be allowed to audition for a "girl's" part.

"Taylor said he's seen no medical evidence that singing tenor or bass can hurt a countertenor's voice. But Timothy Maguire, a professional countertenor and male soprano from San Francisco, said his doctor gave him strict instructions not to sing that way because it could cause polyps to form on his vocal chords."

I was a soprano (a real one, not this pseudo-soprano all girls try to be), and I had lots of damage to my cords. That's what singing can do. Maybe they should outlaw singing.

On top of that, I also suffered a broken arm and two broken ankles playing sports, but no one bans athletics.

I'm so confused.


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