Thursday, July 28, 2005

He ate his brother in utero

Test-tube sharks?

The best parts of the story:


"In a process called intra-uterine cannibalism, grey nurse embryo pups develop a jaw and razor-sharp teeth very early in their development and cannibalize siblings in the womb.

The sharks have two wombs in which a dominant pup will consume its siblings, leaving only two surviving pups every two years when the shark breeds."


"To inseminate Lonnie, scientists had to first use ultrasound to determine the female shark was ovulating and then sedate a seven-gill male shark, named Gonzo, and internally massage its guts to stimulate the production of sperm, which was then injected into Lonnie's reproductive tract."

What a rough world we live in--talk about sibling rivalry. This is an excellent example of how evolution and survival of the species does not necessarily mean taking care of your blood relatives. Speaking of, my uncle Billy Bob (you remember him) got 90 days in the slammer for using his car as a moving tavern...again.


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I'm an only child. 'nuf said.

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