Friday, September 02, 2005

Get your asses to the convention center

Less than a year ago, I had my Cafe Du Monde coffee and beignets on a bench outside the convention center in New Orleans. It's hard to believe what is happening right there, where I sat in luxury, as we speak. Why has relief not reached the convention center? Tony Zumbado from NBC news has spent the last two days begging for relief at the center--he has said over and over that there is no security threat in that area. The people went there because that was where they were told to go, and now FEMA and the local officials are acting like they didn't know anyone was there. Bullshit.

The convention center is a HUGE facility and is located in an area that has been video taped and surveyed a million times in the past few days. The French Quarter and Garden District are within walking distance to the convention center--it is in the heart of the city. People are fucking lying if they say they "didn't know the situation" at the convention center. We'll send 18-year olds into Iraq, but we won't send them in to provide relief? Apparently, Presedential ego is more important than the lives of disposable citizens.

Yesterday, a helicopter dropped off two loads of supplies, but then never came back. The roads are clear to the center, and there are several large parking lots where relief centers can be established. Harry Connick Jr went to the convention center with Tony, and he was not attacked or mobbed. If they claim the choppers didn't come back because of safety reasons they are lying again. I understand the safety concerns when you are dealing with choppers and mobs--I have two friends who fly helicopters for the military. I also understand that there are methods of making safe drops that could have been applied in this situation. Why didn't they come back?

A random resident of New Orleans named Duane has become the convention center Messiah. He walked in the heat to the satellite trucks knowing that the media was his only hope. He convinced Tony Zumbado to go to the convention center yesterday instead of the Superdome where Tony was assigned to do a piece. Duane alone has been leading this group of desperate people, trying to get them help. Tony reports that this man can part crowds at the Center and that he silenced the mobs so that the video footage could be taken. This one man can get thousands of people under control--what the hell is wrong with FEMA and the rest of the officials? Duane got on the news this morning with Tony and guaranteed the safety of relief workers--this man offered to ride with officials and shield them if that was what it took to get help. They are only asking for food, water, and the evacuation of the elderly. They are not asking for a night at the Hilton.

I vote Duane for president.

I hate feeling so helpless.

I hate when people lie to cover their asses.

Several sites are trying to set up housing between refugees and people having room to spare.


At 10:41 PM, Blogger trisha said...

Well-said, my Friend. I am so tweaked up over this whole thing....thanks for the links.

At 9:18 PM, Blogger Piece of Work said...

Oh, God, Roxie. I can't stand it. I CANT STAND IT. Thank you for posting this--I am too emotional to post anything worthwhile.


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