Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Random scattering of the brain

I'm listening to Rusted Root today. I haven't plugged into Rusted Root in almost 10 years, but for some odd reason I needed them today. It's not even that I wanted to hear them--I had to hear them. Weird.

I keep writing posts and then deleting them today. Nothing fits correctly, nothing is working for me. I feel like there is something big under the surface, something that keeps snuffing out all the trivial meanderings while at the same time refusing to come out.

"Cruel Sun" is on.

Maybe it's because it is cold and rainy and dark. Maybe it's because I came unplugged, and now I am sort of floating around in this world. Maybe it's because I feel like there are people out there, some of whom are close to me and some who I barely know at all, who are sad, right now at this very moment. I want to make them not sad or at least let them know that we're all connected even when we aren't running.

I'm not sad today...not even close to being sad. I'm just somewhere else. Do you see me? Can you ask me what I'm doing? Please tell me that I'm fully clothed.

I keep getting angry and hurt over having to type in random letters in order to posts comments, especially when I have to do it on my own blog. I feel like I always get extra-long letter strings comprised of the hard letters (you know, the q,z,x,c type letters). I feel like there are hidden vulgar messages in those letter strings--we should make a dictionary of them. Knowledge yields power or something like that.

"See the bloody faces lifted to the sky
Do you want to run to a future left behind?
I remember asking why, there lies aggression.
Separation where there should be love
Power plays while the people die

Let it rain and protect us from this cruel sun
Let it rain and protect us from this cruel sun"


At 10:26 AM, Blogger trisha said...

Dang. Good post. Very good. Great, even.

You are fully clothed, but your socks don't match. It looks like they are the same thickness, though.

I hate those strings of letters. Hate them. I mess up as often as I am allowed entry to post. Stupid wacky bold cursive.

We were cold, rainy, and dark for five days. I wasunplugged and undone. It's sunny now, though still unreasonably cold. I think the weather people should just say "unreasonably cold" instead on "unseasonally cold." It's what they mean.

At 3:55 PM, Blogger Edie said...

It is going to be a "long" winter, emotionally and financially, for most of us.

My word verification says, "appmnukm" today. App em, Nuke em, okay?


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