Tuesday, January 17, 2006

To My Happy Place

The dH20 is acidic for some unexplainable reason today. Because this has happened before, I always check it before I start making up solutions. Thank God, I checked.

If the department would give me a key to the ddH20 room, this wouldn't be a problem. Apparently, the key elves are on strike so we can never again get another key for that room. That doesn't help me when it's early in the morning and no one is there to let me in. Did I mention that many other labs have a key? In fact, we may be the only lab who has been banned by the elf union.

In times like these, I go to my trusty spare water that I bottle and hide for emergency use.

Only, today the caps were stuck. I don't understand how that happened because I specifically remember leaving them a little loose. Perhaps someone found my stash....?

Regardless, I decided to use a screwdriver to encourage the lid to come off. It works with jars of pickles, so why not water?

I would have never guessed that I am strong enough to hack off the entire top part of the jar, lid included.

This is why it's hard to motivate myself to finish these last few control slides.
Water should not be the most difficult part of the protocol.
I'm going home.


At 8:47 PM, Blogger ScienceWoman said...

Thanks for putting a funny spin on a frustrating day. I particularly like the 2nd to last sentence. :)


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