Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Blond Lobsters

Check out this new find. It is described by this article as being "white and just shy of 6 inches long about the size of a salad plate." I wonder why they chose a salad plate as a size reference? Regardless, a blond, furry, blind lobster-like creature is still pretty cool.


At 12:10 PM, Blogger Katie said...

That IS so cool!

At 12:40 PM, Blogger annelynn said...

I saw that too... it's such an elegant, beautiful creature, isn't it?

At 4:17 PM, Blogger AAYOR said...

Yes, but how is it dipped in melted butter?


At 12:53 AM, Anonymous jenny said...

I can't let myself click on the link. I saw the picture on another site and it seriously freaked me out! It kind of looks like a Muppet, but scary!



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